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“Saudade” is an online magazine for the Brazilian Community of Michigan. This project was born from our efforts to search for ways to help the Brazilian community adapt to and feel welcomed in Michigan. Our vision is for the magazine to be a means of communication for Brazilians living in the area and should feel like a reassuring shoulder to lean on during the long process of adapting to a new country. We know that this transition is not always easy, and a little help goes a long way.
The magazine's aim is to bring together Brazilian businesses and professionals from various industries into one resource. These hard-working business owners bring so much value to our community and our goal is to bring awareness of the magic and beauty of Brazil and its people to non-Brazilians as well. By expanding the market for these businesses and bringing awareness to our community, we can all learn, grow and support each other.


Fernanda Bottini Sinzato
Hello! I was born and raised in Brazil, and moved to Michigan five years ago because of my dad's job. I am a Public Relations major at Wayne State University and will be graduating in May, 2020. Recently, I joined the AdLocal team to be part of the communications and graphic design department. I believe that the Brazilian Community has everything necessary to become a big deal in Michigan, and “Saudade” is the first step to make this real.
Rebeca da Silva
Born in Brazil and raised in Michigan, I feel extremely privileged to have been given two rich languages and cultures at a young age. Today I hold the role of professional photographer at Ad Local as well as running my own portrait business. I find it an incredibly fulfilling job to create a captivating and professional image for individuals, brands and businesses through the art of photography.
It is exciting for me to see the potential that "Saudade" has to introduce these two cultures that I love to one another. Expanding our horizons and collaborating is what will allow us to create beautiful growth and progress in our communities.
Victória da Silva
My family immigrated to the US when I was one year old. Even though I was raised here, my family kept ties with the Brazilian community of Michigan and thanks to them, I grew up immersed in both cultures. After graduating film school in the fall of 2019, I began working at Adlocal as a videographer, creating content to represent businesses in the way they want to be portrayed. I am so excited to be a part of the making of “Saudade” and cannot wait to see it grow!