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1. What is the demographic and marketing strategy for this Magazine?
As an Ad Agency, we value a specific and efficient marketing strategy. In order for our magazine to be successful, we plan on using diverse methods to bring more awareness to the publication. Saudade Magazine will have its own website and social media. It will be available to consume both digitally (via an online magazine and app) as well as in print form. Our demographic is inclusive of, not only the Brazilian community in Michigan wanting to expand their market into the local community, but also the local community that is interested in learning about and interacting with the Brazilian culture. With the purchase of any sized ad, the advertiser will receive 10 print copies of the magazine that can be distributed as they wish, increasing the publication’s reach.

2. How do I purchase an Ad?
On our website, we will have a landing page dedicated to purchasing Ads. 
All of the different options for types and sizes of Ads will be listed along with a description of what they include. It will also include a way for you to submit pictures, logos and other raw material for our design team. 

3. Will you create the design for the Ad or do I have to?
This is completely up to you! In order for us to design the ad for you, we will charge an extra $50 design fee and the file will be made available for you to share on your social media and website as well. In the event that you already have a design prepared, all you need to do is upload it when you purchase the ad!

4. Will another business that offers the same product or service that I do also be able to purchase the same sized ad?
For now we are allowing more than one brand from the same business to have similar ads in the magazine. In the future we will have a more exclusive, first come, first served system. A specific sized ad will be exclusive to only one advertiser from each category in the directory. 

5. Will I be able to offer a promotion or coupon as part of my Ad?
Of course! One of the Magazine’s main objectives is to increase your reach and expand your market. A coupon or seasonal promotion, exclusively found in Saudade Magazine, will be an excellent strategy to get more people in your door.  Not to mention this will be a tremendous incentive for more readers to subscribe to the magazine every month, thereby increasing visibility for your ads.

6. Will ads only be available to Brazilian businesses?
Since the Brazilian community is our focus, any business can be in the magazine that is interested in reaching and servicing the local Brazilian community. 

7. Does my business have to be registered to be in the magazine?
Yes! To avoid any complications for you and for our agency, we ask that all businesses advertising in our magazine be licensed to work. We don’t want to create any problems for anyone and we want to abide by the laws of the country we are in. 

8. How will readers access the magazine?
Saudade magazine will eventually be available in three different formats: an app, a flippable pdf online and in print. Initially it will be available for reading partially online for free or full access for a small monthly subscription. This is  to help pay for the domain and production costs. We are also developing an app and eventually, a printed version will be available to be delivered to your door for a different subscription rate. For right now, readers will be able to find print copies at the establishments that have ads featured in Saudade. 

9. How often will there be a new edition?
Saudade magazine will have monthly editions that relate stories and events that pertain to that month.

10. Will Saudade be for ads only?
No! We don’t want this to be one of those magazines full of coupons and ads that you don’t even look at before you toss.  Saudade is going to be a fun, informative and interactive magazine with exclusive content that is relevant to our community.

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